21st Birthday, 4th of July and Switzerland

The time has finally come. The baby of our grade is now legal and it feels great… except I was already legal here in Europe, but that’s besides the point.

We went to Place Luxembourg on Thursday night around 11:30 and Haley, Taylor and Caroline convinced a lot of random Belgians to buy me shots. It was overall a great night as per usual at Place Lux.

After class on Friday we flew Brussels Airlines to Geneva, Switzerland! This was by far my favorite trip (sorry Paris you were a close second). Switzerland is absolutely breathtaking. The first night we went out to dinner at this pizzeria near our Airbnb for my birthday dinner. Everywhere in Switzerland is unreasonably expensive, but the food was still great.

Geneva Switzerland

The next day was the Fourth of July, so we found the only Budweiser products in Switzerland (which we later found out was just a cheap knock-off that’s been in lots of lawsuits with the real Budweiser), packed some sandwiches and went to the lake!

We found a public beach access that was three Franks where we could lay out and swim. It was a Fourth of July well spent. We played some good ‘ole Bruce Springsteen, drank cheap beer and laid out by the lake all day. It was so nice to finally feel like we were on a little vacation instead of just sight-seeing. My favorite part was jumping off a high dive into the most amazing view (see picture below).

On the way home, there was a big parade going on and we found out that they have this parade once a year to celebrate the lake. It was very interesting and we just got lucky enough to stumble upon it. That night we went out to the City Center, but Geneva’s nightlife wasn’t my favorite. I would recommend saving your time and energy for daytime adventures.

The next day we were on a mission to the Swiss Alps. It was quite a trip to get there because it’s so high up, but it was completely worth it. We had to take many connecting shuttles to get to the Glacier 3000 headquarters. From there, we bought a gondola ride up to the top of the mountain that included the bridge walk and an area to play in the snow. We spent 9 extra Franks to do roller coaster ride at the top of the mountain because there was no way that we could pass up that opportunity.

Every single thing about this trip was amazing. If you come to Europe, don’t just do the over-hyped cities. Come somewhere like Switzerland to experience some breathtaking views. You will not regret it.


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