Day 1 in Brussels

Well today is the day that I officially moved to Belgium for the summer. We got into Brussels at 9 in the morning there, but it was 2 in the morning in St. Louis. When we got off the plane we all traveled in the big group to the guy holding the Mizzou sign. We took shuttles to our apartments and it was not the drive that we expected. Sure, we saw a few older buildings, but for the most part it was just new modern buildings with lots of shopping. It reminded us of DC or Michigan Avenue.

When we got to the apartments, it was amazing. The living room and the dining room are extremely spacious and kind of modern. We went up the spiral staircase to find 3 bedrooms. They were all a little different, but they are decently spacious. It definitely works for how little stuff we even have right now. The best part about the apartment is our rooftop deck. The walls are pretty high, so it’s hard to see the view, but if you climb up a little you can see that it is breathtaking. I know that will be my favorite space in our apartment.

After we unpacked, a lady from the complex came around checking everything and it was the first time that we had a bit of a culture shock. She spoke no English, so it was hard to communicate with her. We had to tap on her and direct her to an outlet that is broken to communicate. Nobody in my apartment speaks a lick of French, so this will be new to all of us.

Shortly after, the guys came up to our apartment to visit and we all decided to go walk around the city. We went down our street and then left and we eventually ran into all the main shopping. There were a ton of cute stores that I want to check out soon and hopefully they are cheap enough. While we were walking the streets, we ran into a waffle vendor and we knew that we needed to try it. Trying to order the waffle was a little funny because we don’t speak French so we looked at the sign and tried our best to pronounce it.

The waffle was nothing like our waffles. Sure it has the imprints of a waffle, but it was almost bitter and it was drenched in chocolate. It was a complete shock because it’s not what we are used to, but it was great nonetheless.

We stopped by a market to get toilet paper, hand soap and a few essential groceries. We just mainly picked up water bottles and something to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

Then we went to an orientation at our Mizzou office with Garreth. I definitely don’t remember how we got there. He was super nice and funny, but I can tell that our class is going to be a lot more work than I was expecting. I have a feeling when I get home from work on the weekdays, we will be super busy and staying in a lot.

He did answer a lot of our questions about traveling on weekends and he suggests traveling a lot around Brussels. He also said that it would be dumb not to go to Paris, Amsterdam and London because they are about an hour and a half away is all. I still think that I want to try to go to Barcelona because he said it’s one of the best cities in the world and it’s a quick plane ride. However, I think that will be my last flying trip. Anyway, I’m overwhelmed and feel like I need to start planning right away.

We then walked to dinner at this cute restaurant. It was paid for all by Mizzou, which is amazing. He gave us a few Brussels choices and I didn’t know what to pick, but I decided to go with this shrimp and mussels pasta. A lot of people tried rabbit also, but I’ll have to save that for another day. Apparently it was really good. I loved my mussels and the pasta was so great too. We also got a few choices of Belgium beers to try. I tried Kriek, which is a cherry beer and it tasted just like candy. I loved it. The second beer that I got was a Heigen(something) and it was also good.

After dinner, we walked home with the intention of going out, but we physically were drained. Instead we got a good nights sleep.

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