A resolution for all college students: stay updated on current events

It’s the time of year that everyone starts posting about their New Years Resolutions. Well I have a New Years Solution that all college students should have. Stay updated about current events.

Obviously I work in news and study political science as well, so I have an interest in what is going on in the world around me, but most college students do not. Earlier this year, I was proud to wear my “I Voted” sticker around campus, but almost nobody my age had voted. When talking to friends about voting, many of them either did not know that it was time to vote or they felt that they did not know enough about the issues to go vote.

Most college students prefer the “ignorance is bliss” approach. They do not have full-time jobs and they feel that a lot of things in the news do not affect them. It makes me sad that people think like this because current events DO affect you and I hope you will take the time to listen to my reasons why things going on in the world should be of importance to you.

  • Local News- You should pay attention to local news because this is what is going on at your back door.
    • There were shots fired at my apartment complex last semester and I was informed by a tweet from a local news station. My apartment complex tried to keep the incident quiet and did not inform their residence that a shooting occurred in my back yard! Sometimes local news has EVERYTHING to do with you.
    • They recently lowered the speed limits in Columbia on parts of I-70. As many students return to Mizzou today, I will not be one bit surprised if people get speeding tickets because they were unaware of the change. The news station that I worked at talked about it multiple times on the news and all of our social media platforms. It’s as simple as reading a few tweets to save yourself from ignorance.
  • National News- National news stories are big for a reason. They directly affect a lot of people.
    • It’s important to watch, read or listen to national news every once in a while too because these are the biggest stories in the country. They are big for a reason and that reason is that they are something many people need to know or have interest in. I don’t know about you, but I would like to know about new laws Congress passes and big natural disasters and new technology that emerges and all of the stuff that you see on national news. It’s national news because it is BIG news.
  • International News
    • This is the area that I notice people my age paying the least attention to because they do not see how it relates to their everyday lives. However, it does.
    • There was recently a terror attack in Paris. If you do not know about it, I suggest reading about it for a few minutes because it is important. Obviously we do not live in Paris, so many people don’t understand why they should care. The reason is that attacks like this are happening all over the world. Nowhere is safe and anywhere could be next. Just because it did not happen to you does not mean that it couldn’t. Our military is all over the world fighting against organizations like ISIS to PROTECT you. If you you do not feel like anything like that could happen to you then just think about the Boston Bombing or 9/11. It CAN happen to anyone anywhere at anytime.
    • If for no other reason, watch the national news to find out what exactly our soldiers are fighting and risking their lives for. Find out about the grave injustices going on around the world in order to be more grateful for the opportunities that you have.

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