Tips for Finals


Pools are open, the sun’s out and summer is on the brain. As a college student, there is nothing worse than studying for finals when it is nice outside. There are so many other things that you could be doing. Here are some tips on how to finish off the semester strong despite the distractions.

1. Update your planner

There are so many tests and deadlines around finals, so keep your planners updated and look at your schedule every so often so that you know when everything is due.

2. Portion it out instead of procrastinating

If you have three finals in one week, don’t wait until the night before to start studying. Take a little bit of time out each day to work on each class. If you have a project or paper, make sure you start working on it a week in advance, so that you don’t freak out at the last second.

3. Make to-do lists

Every night make a list of everything that you need to get done the next day and do not go to sleep until you get it all done. It sounds harsh, but you need to hold yourself accountable to the to-do lists you make.

4. Go somewhere secluded

Don’t study somewhere that you know you will get distracted at. If you do not study well in your room then go to the library or somewhere where you can focus better. We all like to think that our bed is a good place to stud, but at the end of the day our bed is only good for sleeping and Netflix.

5. Don’t procrastinate so you can take some time out for fun

It’s the last weeks of school, so you want to make sure you get to say goodbye to all of your friends. Get your work done so that you can reward yourself with study breaks.

I know that finals week is the worst, especially when summer is around the corner, but if you muscle through it, you’ll be okay!

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