How I Met Your Mother Finale: A Good Idea with Poor Execution

Although the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale was a while ago, I just got around to watching it, so I apologize for the late review.

I would like to note that this post will have spoilers in it, so if you are planning on watching the finale at any point, do not read on.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 12.55.08 PM

The first thing that I would like to say about “How I Met Your Mother” is that the whole show follows Ted’s journey to find love. No matter how many people he dated, his feelings for Robin were always there and that was made clear throughout the entirety of the show. I would also like to note that the whole Robin and Barney relationship was never going to work out from the beginning. It felt like the writers randomly threw them together, and I never felt as though they should get married or be together. Also, even though the show is called “How I Met Your Mother”, we didn’t even know the mother until the last season, so the majority of the show had nothing to do with the mother.

While most people were furiously disappointed with the series finale of HIMYM, I was not. The finale made me happy, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it had an incredibly unpredictable ending.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 12.54.43 PM

Obviously that is not what I wanted to happen, but life doesn’t always go the way you plan it. I would have been more disappointed if the finale had been some cookie-cutter happy ending because that just isn’t how life works.

It is not necessarily how the show ended that made me upset, it was how they went about it. I think that someone’s death is something to take a lot of time on. It is something that they should have introduced earlier in the series of the show. I would have liked to see Ted and the kid’s grieving process because the way it was presented made it seems as though he never grieved over his wife’s death. They said it was six years later, but it didn’t feel like it was six years later.

I, personally, don’t think that the problem is that they killed off the mom or that Ted ended up with Robin, but how they went about it. I think it was a really good idea for an ending, but it was conducted so poorly.

No matter what your thoughts on the finale are, HIMYM was a great show and it will surely be missed. May the reruns continue playing for years to come!

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