7 Types of People From Your High School A Few Years Later

A few years after high school, it is fun to see what everyone is up to. Here are seven different types of people from your high school now.

1. The one who is still stuck in high school after all of these years

tumblr_mzsn1kDZD21tq4of6o1_250These are the people that even after leaving high school, still haven’t expanded their friend group. They come home every summer and live for winter and Thanksgiving breaks. They still go to high school sporting events and people that are still in high school can’t stand how they are always coming back. They have yet to discover that they have graduated and the rest of their high school class is moving on.

2. The person that hated high school and everyone in it


This person took wanting to leave high school to the next level. Not only did they move on, but this person defriended you  and everyone else from Facebook.  They  will never move back home, just to make sure he or she never has to see you or anyone else from your school ever again.

3. The ones who live at home while going to a small school

tumblr_mwtwa3G8yI1qli1dto1_500This person is the one tweeting song lyrics and updating their status about how hard community college finals are. You will likely sense the boredom that they face by reading their depressing updates. They often take trips to visit their high school friends that go to larger colleges.

4. The one who is off traveling the world

tumblr_myca2fAIoX1s8hnhko1_500This person seems to have gotten to do everything. He or she has already studied abroad and traveled the world and it makes you insanely jealous. Their constant updates are sad because it’s not you, but you can’t help but read about their amazing adventures…. and wonder how they pay for it.

5. The partier


All of their pictures on Facebook have millions of people in it and they tweet about Greek life more than about their own life. Their life seems like a never ending party based on their Facebook pictures, but their GPA is slowly dropping due to their constant weeknight partying.

6. The one who grew up quickly

tumblr_mzxk10rkid1qh9nffo1_500This person grew up super quick. They are either married or engaged and might already even have a kid. They seem super happy with how quick their life is moving, but most people your age’s biggest concern is about your upcoming exam.

7. The ones who are still trying to figure things out

tumblr_mx9dcsnz9u1rs4naxo1_500This person probably wasn’t the best student in high school and decided that school just wasn’t the path for them. Many of these people just haven’t figured out what they want to do.

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