The Dangers of the “Spring Break Body” Mentality

It’s that time when gyms start crowding up in hopes of achieving the ideal “spring break body”. People start dieting and working out as they realize how close it is to spring break, but why is this lifestyle something that is only strived for the month before a vacation?

Exercise and healthy eating are things that we should strive for all year. If people were really doing that, I would not be noticing a difference in the amount of people occupying the gym right after New Years Resolutions and right before spring break.

Exercising a lot right before spring break will not make any noticeable difference to your body structure. I promise that you are all beautiful the way that you are and there is no need to go on an unhealthy crash diet and mass exercise plan right before spring break. That’s just not healthy.

Instead I am going to urge all of you (including myself) to remember that working out and eating right is something that we should strive to do all year. Your goal for working out should never revolve around trying to change your pant size or loose x number of pounds. You should be working out to feel better about yourself, to be healthier and to have more energy.

Don’t do it for the people you will never see again on the beach.

Do it for the energy. Do it for the confidence. Do it for the health benefits. Do it for you.


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