College Isn’t All Fun and Games


College is supposed to be the best time of your life. At least that’s what everyone says when they’re older. Don’t get me wrong, college is great. I live in a house with 70 of my best friends. I am learning so many new things.

All you see about college is the parties and the fun. What Hollywood and your parents forget to tell you is how much responsibilities you will have. I work 30 hours a week for no pay. Schoolwork is time consuming. Running two different organization’s social media is time consuming.

People always glamorize college. They talk about the parties and the fun, but they forget to mention that you’re always broke, tired and hungry.

They forget to tell you that the coursework is hard and that you have to spend just as much time as you do on school on extracurriculars to even learn what you actually need to survive in the real world.

I wouldn’t trade anything that I have done, but when I watch movies about college, I think about how off my ideas were about what this time was going to be. College years aren’t stress-free. Not if you’re doing what you need to succeed later in life.

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