“About Last Night”- One of the Funniest Movies this Year

“About Last Night”, a comedy starring comedian Kevin Hart, was the perfect mix of cheesy romance and raunchy comedy. This mixture of chick-flick and “Hangover”-like comedy was a great compromise for its Valentine’s Day premiere. What initially drew my attention to the movie was that it was starring Kevin Hart. However, after seeing the movie, I was surprised by the interesting storyline.

A couple was dating and brought their “boring” friends along with them. As it turns out, the “boring” friends were not so boring after all, just hurt by past loves to the point where they had stopped trying. The film chronicled the relationship of the two couples. One couple was more serious and mature, while the other was filled with spunky and unpredictable passion.

Although the storyline was serious, the characters were full on non-stop jokes which kept the audience laughing the whole movie.

If you are a fan of raunchy comedy or romance, this is the perfect flick for you. I would definitely say that “About Last Night” is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time.

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