Too much hate over Greek Week pairings at MU

Last night they announced Greek Week pairings by randomly selecting names. This process took away decision-making and politics and based the pairings on chance. This process might be new and it might not make everyone happy, but that’s just what it is.

What I saw at the event and over social media made me very disappointed in the Greek community. Some people laughed, some people complained and some people ran out of the building all because they were upset with their pairing. Honestly, there are so many talented chapters at MU and trash-talking the people that you will work with for the semester is not a good way to start Greek Week. If you express how much you do not want to be with someone, you are acting like you are better than them and not even giving them a chance.

Not to mention complaining about who you are with makes you and your entire chapter look bad. So what if they are not your first choice? So what if you don’t know anyone in those chapters? So what if they haven’t won before? I have found that with Homecoming and Greek Week pairings, you get what you put in. If you trash talk your pairing, they won’t work hard. If you try to get to know them and are nice, they’re going to want to win with you.

Everyone needs to make the most of their pairings because you never know someone or a chapter until you get to know them. It’s supposed to be a Greek community. There is no need to be pessimistic and mean.

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