Never Settle for Average

I have noticed recently that too many people are so quick to accept their own shortcomings. I will never understand how people can get a bad grade and just say “oh well”. There should never be an “oh well” or “good enough”. Sure there might not be anything that you can do about it right now because what is done is done, but you should let yourself feel disappointment. You should look at your shortcomings and realize you can do better. Recognizing your mistakes and trying harder next time is how you grow.

Do you WANT to be average??

Maybe I care too much about success. Maybe I have too high of expectations for myself. Maybe some people would see this as a bad thing. I know that.

So what if I do end up being average?? That’s okay because most people do. But at least I won’t accept it and stop trying because those who accept being average already took away the possibility of ever being GREAT.

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