What Going Greek Meant to Me

go greek

Before formal recruitment, I was skeptical about whether I was the type of girl for a sorority.  I have never been much of a “girls girl” and I always enjoyed hanging out with guys more because girls in middle and high school can be so catty.  I had so many different friend groups in high school, but I never had those friends that I knew I could count on for anything.  It wasn’t until formal recruitment that I realized sorority life is way more than what you see on movies.  In fact, sorority girls are typically anything but what Hollywood makes them out to be.  Going through recruitment, I learned that this system was nothing like “buying your friends”, but a door to endless opportunities.

I had great connections with many girls from many different chapters, but the house that stuck the most was Alpha Phi.  I felt like, towards the end of recruitment, it was the house that matched my personality best and where I felt most comfortable.  Bid Day really was a start to a whole new beginning because even in my short year as an A Phi, I have so many wonderful experiences that I never would have gotten if I were tackling Mizzou alone.

What have I benefited from Going Greek?

Connections- Being a broadcast journalism major at Mizzou is extremely competitive, but older girls in the house that are in the same field of study really helped get me on the right track.  Not only was their support helpful, but watching their success at KOMU inspired me to jump start my journalism career and strive to be like them.


Friendships– The first semester of school can be very lonely.  You are no longer going to school with the same people you have known since kindergarten and Mizzou is such a large and intimidating place.  No matter if I had met the girls or not, if there was an Alpha Phi around she always stopped to say hi or ask how I was doing.  Nothing is more exciting than running into new sisters and being welcomed by older girls when walking around campus.  After a while, you really start to get to know girls in the house, especially from your pledge class and I can say with full honesty that I have met my lifelong best friends and cannot wait to see how much living in house together next year will bring us closer.

ace of hearts

Motivation- Being Greek means that almost all of your classes will have another person from your chapter in them.  My sisters were always there to help me study, send notes if you were sick, or encourage you to do your best.  We would motivate each other to sit in the front of the lecture hall and challenge each other not to get our phones out.  It’s just the little things that keep you moving.  Not only are they academic motivation, but motivation to be the best person that you can be. Looking up to older sisters has inspired me to push through my comfort zones and achieve my goals.

soccer spirit

Opportunities- Through Greek Life, I have had the opportunity to hold leadership positions in the house that have taught me about organization, communications, and leadership.  I had the opportunity to help organize a large philanthropic event that raised money for heart health as well as numerous smaller service activities such as volunteering at the Mini Relay for Life, the Food Pantry, Blood Drives, and Dream Factory.  Not only did I have opportunities to help the community, but they look great on a resume as well.

dream factory poker night

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