“42” Fell Short of Expectations

The story of Jackie Robinson is arguably the most compelling sports inspiration of all times.  It was no surprise that Hollywood tried to turn this into a major motion picture because Robinson made history and served as a hero to many.
Robinson broke the segregation barrier in Major League Baseball.  By common sense and reading biographies about Robinson, it is safe to say that this did not go over well with many Americans at the time.  He had to deal with racism on a daily basis and stand up to so much hatred.
“42” was a great movie that entertained audiences and captured the essence of the time period.  However, I walked away from the film feeling as though something was missing.
This was a good movie, but it fell short of the legendary sport films.  “42” can be compared to “Remember the Titans” because both movies revolve around the themes of segregation and racism.
“Remember the Titans” is so well known, because the film took the audience through a journey where they got to know the characters on a personal level.  In “Remember the Titans,” the viewer is brought on the emotional voyage, which allows for greater sympathy and understanding of what they went through.  However, “42” does not relate Robinson’s struggle to the viewers as much as it could have.
I felt a deeper sympathy and understanding of Robinson’s fight by reading about him growing up, so I was expecting to gain more knowledge and personal connection with Robinson through “42,” but that did not happen as much as it could have.
“42” is definitely a movie worth seeing, but do not go into the movie expecting to see “Field of Dreams”, “The Blind Side”, “Remember the Titans” or any of the other classics.

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