Treasure the Last Moments

It’s the time of the year where high school seniors are checked out and ready for college.  Spring break has already happened and the only thing you hear is “I can’t wait to get out of here”.  Everyone is so set on the future that they let go of the present too early.  Looking back, if I were to give myself one piece of advice about senior year, it would be to make the most of the last times you have left with people.

You can be excited about college because that’s inevitable, but don’t rush these last few moments with your high school class away.  Sure classes are boring, but they’r just as boring in college.  Do not spend all of your time with your childhood friends complaining about how you can’t wait to leave because it isn’t going to make college come any sooner.  Make the very most of the last moments that you have with your entire grade because these moments will be the last times that you are all together.

Sure when you come back from college you reunite with people, but only the ones you miss the most. Take the time to notice the people that you like a lot, but don’t talk to on a daily basis.  Make sure you properly say goodbye to those people because those are the people that you’ll never see again.  If someone is meant to be your friend forever, they will be and you will see them again.  It’s important to appreciate the little people and the feeling of being one unit because those are the things that you’re going to miss the most.  Don’t rush these few weeks and summer away because everything will change permanently soon enough.

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