Skyfall Movie Review


Oscar-winning film “Skyfall,” the newest Bond movie, was shown at Jesse Wrench Auditorium this weekend.

This film includes all of the classic elements of a Bond movie such as the high-speed chases, the women, the villains and the heart-pounding soundtrack.  However, this story line takes a deeper look into James Bond’s  inner workings as he struggles with the negative consequences that come along with aging in a field that relies so heavily on physical abilities.

During an action-packed train scene, Bond takes a tumble in which he was believed to have passed away.  Bond uses this to his advantage while he enjoys his time detached from 007 and the high-stress activities that come along with working for Britain’s foreign intelligence agency, M16.

Not only does M have to deal with the supposed death of her most beloved agent, 007, but M16 lost control of information about England’s agents.  Both of these occurrences, along with M’s growing age have her new boss trying to get her terminated.

After returning to M16 in their greatest hour of need, Bond’s physical and mental state are nowhere near ready for the great task at hand, but M knows deep down that 007 was the man for the job.

While “Skyfall” contained all of the action elements that come along with Bond films, this movie took a deeper look into the history, character, and motives of the classic characters, particularly Bond and M.



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