College Advice: Picking a Roommate


So you know what college you will be attending, but still have not decided who to live with? There are a few things that are really important when picking a roommate.  Whether you want to room with someone you already know or someone totally random, it is important to make sure that you will get along because it is one thing to like someone and another to be able to live with them.

1. Do not live with someone that is your absolute best friend.  I have seen so many times where people room with someone that is like a brother or sister to them and that never works out well for a few reasons.  Everyone changes when they get to college and sometimes it is hard to let go of who your best friend used to be and accept who they are becoming.  Another reason is that you are likely to get jealous of the other.  You are probably going to end up in different groups whether those are sororities and fraternities or club sports or activities, but you are going to have different friends.  You don’t want to be with your best friend that you will feel left out when they make new friends and join new things without you.  Last but not least, YOU WILL FIGHT.  If you are such good friends with someone that you are 100 percent honest, every little thing that they do will get under your skin and you would nag them about every little thing.  Just trust me, do not room with your childhood best friend because it will not end well.

2. Look for someone who has similar living habits as you first and foremost.  If you are someone that likes to go to bed at 10 and your roommate stays up until 2, you will automatically not get along.  Find a roommate that has similar sleeping habits, who parities a similar amount that you do, and who is as (or as not) organized as you.

3. Make sure that you have similar interests.  Find someone that you could genuinely see being your friend.  Maybe you don’t like all things the same, which is great, but make sure that you like some of the same shows, movies, etc.  It’s always good to have a little common ground with people.

If you want to room with someone that you already know make sure that they meet this checklist.  I roomed with one of my friends from high school and it turned out great because we have similar living habits and interests.  However if you want a random roommate, I suggest talking to them a lot before deciding to live together.  Many schools have websites to meet people that you could be interested in rooming with.  Find someone with similar interests as you and talk to them for a while before jumping to any conclusions.  While it is true that you can switch roommates, it is usually not an easy process and it will put added stress on to your first semester which is supposed to be such an enjoyable time!

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