Is The American Melting Pot Really Melting?


America is the land of the free.  We were founded in many part by English Puritans who wanted to escape religious persecution.  After time America succeeded form England, established their own government, and formed their own ideals.  We like to think of America as the home of the free.  It is a place where immigrants are welcome and encouraged.  Who are we trying to kid….?

It is honestly sad how manipulated we are all into thinking that America really is just like we said it is.  While we have so many diverse cultures, we have done very little to learn about them.  Eating Chinese food does not mean that we are trying to understand the Chinese culture.  Listening to Pitbull does not mean that we have required a sudden interest in Latin American music.  And just because we love to party on St. Patrick’s day does not mean that we are respecting the Irish.

There are so many misconceptions like the things that I just listed that lead us to believe that America is this wonderful melting pot.  I mean we are even being taught this from our very first history class, but it is time we all opened our eyes.

When was the last time that you met someone from another country or culture or religion and really tried to understand their history.  Did you sit down with them and try to understand their struggles between holding on to their native culture and the pressure to assimilate to the American way?  I know that I had been very closed minded until I started dating my boyfriend who is Indian and practices Hinduism.  And even when I try to understand, am I really giving it my best effort?

I think we expect that when people move to America that they should completely assimilate to our cultures.  For a country that has such a variety “melting pot” I would say that the only melting being done is immigrants assimilating to American culture.  I challenge each and every one of you (including myself) to go out of your way to understand someone of another culture.  It’s time for America to live up to the ideas we are misconceived to have.

3 thoughts on “Is The American Melting Pot Really Melting?

  1. Right on. As the son of an immigrant, I think the best part of America is that we do have the availability of cultures to learn and take from and the worst part of a
    America is that we have the availability of cultures we hide from because of our fears. A homogeneous culture can only grow so much, but a heterogeneous culture can evolve and offer so much more to society.

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