Grammys Standouts: Best and Worst Performances



Justin Timberlake made his big comeback in the music scene!!!!  I went to the Bye Bye Bye N’Sync tour so I kind of feel like I discovered him and have been in love ever since.  Justin has no flaws.  Think about it, he is great at everything he does and his Grammy performance was amazing.  I love the song Suit and Tie because it incorporates some jazzy elements that I feel have been lost in todays culture.  The black and white effects for his act made this sexy song all the better and I could not be more impressed or excited to see what all he brings with this next album.

I was a big fan of Rihanna back in her innocent Pon de Replay days, but her songs got manipulated for the Top 40 music feel which I really am not a fan of.  She also went through a punk style after the incident with Chris Brown and I was not feeling her or her music.  I had actually forgotten that she is a talented singer because of the cookie cutter pop songs she has been doing recently. However, this performance was absolutely stunning.  I had the chills and it reminded me just how talented she really is and makes me hope that she comes out with some beautiful vocals soon.  Bravo Rihanna, you may take your well deserved bow after that performance.

I know Hunter Hayes’ time on the Grammy stage was short, but I loved it.  I am very biased because I love him to pieces and think he is so talented and has the cutest lyrics ever.  Wanted will always be one of my favorite songs and I think it was amazing that he got to perform although I was disappointed that he didn’t win anything that he was nominated for.  HUNTER I LOVE YOU!

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

We could say Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys made it to my list of best performances, but really all I care about is Adam Levine.  I absolutely adore him.  I think that men got Beyonce during the Superbowl and women got JT and Adam Levine as their eye candy during the Grammys.  I thought that this performance was great and Alica Keys killed it.  Well done!


As big of a country fan that I am, it was just not the night for my blonde country superstars.

I have no words about Taylor Swift from the Grammys last night except just sit down.  She was the epitome of trying too hard.  First off what the hell was up with the Alice and Wonderland themed costumes?  We Are Never Getting Back Together has literally nothing in common with Alice and Wonderland.  It looked to me like she was trying to channel her inner Gaga and create a theatric performance, but it does not and will never work for her.  Second, she sucks at choreography.  She was trying to look all seductive and stuff, but all she was really doing was walking and pointing.  She looked awkward with every step that she took.  I used to be a fan of Taylor and I still like some of her music, but she needs to chill out and go back to her country girl roots.  That’s what works for her.

Miranda Lambert was not terrible last night by any means, but I must say that I was very disappointed.  I am a huge fan, but I just felt like the band was too loud and she was too soft.  It is such a lyrical song, but we could hardly hear the words and it was by far not her best vocal performance because I have seen her live and know that she can do so much better.  I think many could agree with me when I say that I almost forgot that she even performed because it was very bland.

Carrie Underwood was absolutely amazing if you listened to her, but I think we were all distracted by the fact that they made her dress a Cinemax production.  I mean seriously what were they thinking?  I understand that they were trying to make some cool effects, but it didn’t look good and it totally distracted us from her performance.  Carrie was great, but that outfit and light show on her dress was terrible.

carrie dress

The last performance was just stupid.  There were some fabulous acts during The Grammys but they chose LL Cool J to end the show?  Like who is that really?  I haven’t heard his name in years.  I honestly was so done by that point that I had to turn this act off and I am not sorry that I did.

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