Why Taylor Swift and Many Others Can Never Find Love


Taylor Swift has been known to date some of the dreamiest guys around, but it seems like it never works out and she writes a song blaming the guy and blah blah blah.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Taylor Swift hater whatsoever.  Personally I like her continuously chasing after new relationships and the new love kinds of songs she writes and I love even more the powerful breakup songs.  No matter what kind of mood you are in, Taylor Swift has written lyrics to describe your mood perfectly.

She seems like she has it all.  The talent, the kind heart, and according to Men’s Health Magazine she made #12 on their hottest women list.  So why can’t this girl that seems to have it all find her fairytale romance with the happily ever after?  She expects too much!!

While we would all love to hope that chivalry is not dead, we need to face the reality of today’s world.  She is, like many other single ladies, waiting for some guy to sweep her off her feet and treat her like a complete princess.  While it is important to wait for a man that respects you and treats you right, your expectations need to be much simpler.

Do you buy men flowers out of the blue?  I’m guessing not so why would you expect someone to do that for you?  Taylor has this false idea of what true love really means based on romance novels and movies, but the truth is that we fall in love with those leading men because it would be amazing to find a man that truly acted like that.  These pieces of fiction play on women’s fantasies so much that it makes it impossible for anyone to live up to these high expectations.

Women don’t complain that all men are pigs because they are not.  It is really hard to find the right guy, but if you do find someone that is honest, trustworthy, respectful, and can end up becoming your best friend then don’t let it go.  While you are waiting for Noah Calhoun or Mr. Darcy you may be missing the fact that the man of your dreams could be right in front of you.

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