New Years Resolutions Call for Crowded Gym


Coming back to school, I was excited to be reacquainted with the Mizzou Rec Center.  It is known as one of the best college recreation centers in the country and it lives up to that title quite well.  The Rec is always crowded, but since the new semester began last week, I have noticed that it is more crowded than ever before.

When I got out of class at noon on a Monday I decided to hit the rec to avoid lines.  I thought that would be a great time due to many people having classes or lunch during that time period.  Oh was I wrong!  So the next day I decided to try to go at 7:30 at night.  I figured that the people who do not live on campus would be gone and the lines would be low. WRONG AGAIN!

Following my journalistic instincts, I took the time to make many observations about the people inhabiting the gym while I had to wait in line just to get a treadmill.  Usually the gym is simply full of already in shape sorority girls or super buff muscle men.  Well recently the gym has been full of people with all sorts of body types.

My number one explanation for this shift of population would have to be New Years Resolutions.  I think that there were a lot of people who realized when they went home for winter break just how much weight that they have gained.  I mean they don’t call it the freshmen 15 for nothing.  It really does restore some of my faith in people when I see how many are becoming determined to stay healthy.  However, I wish this trend would last all year.

I am hopeful that people will not give up on their resolutions, but I am pretty certain that this is a fad that will fade out faster than Silly Bandz.  Until then, it looks like I will be doing a few more at home workouts than usual.

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