Journalism Is Changing, Not Dying


This is my first week of the new semester and in my Journalism 1100 class we talked about how many people believe that journalism is a dying industry.  I can understand why some people feel this way, but they are thinking in a narrow view.  Journalism is not dead, it is just changing form.  Sure the print media may be slowing down and the traditional nightly news is becoming a little old fashion.  That is because these outlets are simply not keeping up with the times.

I think it is great that my professor is very young because he was going through all of his first steps in journalism during this changing system.  He really opened my eyes that you do not have to limit yourself in this field because there are so many possibilities.  For the longest time I have wanted to be a news anchor and I knew that it was not an easy job to snag.  Although that is still a dream of mine I have realized so many things since I have come to school.

I have always been passionate about English and writing which is what first led me to join newspaper in high school.  Creating this blog helped me rekindle my love for critically thinking about the world and writing down my take on so many different interests that I have.  I truly can see my career going in so many different directions and I think that is the way upcoming journalists need to think.

Some industries are dying, but with the rise of the internet age there are so many more opportunities to get your voice heard.  I truly believe that my generation of journalists are going to reinvent something that Americans seem to be losing faith in.

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