Pitch Perfect-ion

fat amyI never would have thought that a corny movie about competing singing groups would make for a great movie, but boy was I wrong.  There are so many things that I love about this movie and if you haven’t seen it I would do so ASAP!

It was my friend’s birthday and this is the movie that she wanted to watch.  I was excited to watch it because my sister told me that it was hilarious and we have very similar taste in movies.  However, the guys in the group didn’t seem that thrilled to be watching what she described as “kind of like a musical but with normal music”.  You say the word musical and my boyfriend automatically hates it, but it was her birthday so everyone went along with the choice.

It turned out to be a movie that everyone loved!  We were all cracking up the entire time.  So what makes this cheesey story plot such a fantastic movie?

1. FAT AMY!! We all knew Rebel Wilson was funny especially after watching Bridesmaids, but her work in this movie is incredible.  The character is so interesting and has some of the absolute funniest one liners.  However, no character is complete without great acting and boy did Rebel Wilson knock this movie out of the park.  She stuck to her character and added her own flare.  I think that it is safe to say that even though Fat Amy is technically not the main character, Rebel Wilson made the movie the success that it is.

pitch perfect

2. THE SONGS!  Everyone loves a good soundtrack and Pitch Perfect has that covered.  The soundtrack is currently number two on itunes.  I mean who doesn’t love a little A Capella (or however you spell it)?

3. The quotable one-liners.  There are so many great lines in this movie and although Fat Amy has some of the most quotable lines, every character had funny lines that everyone just loves to say and tweet.

There are so many more reasons why this movie is such a huge success including Brittany Snow and all of her perfection, Vanna White, the crushes that many young girls have on the Treble Makers and so much more! Basically if you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect you’re Aca-missing out!!!!

2 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect-ion

  1. Good review. I was actually dreading watching Pitch Perfect, but I ended up having some fun with it due to it’s strong cast, entertaining performances, and smart dialog.

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