Looking Good On a College Budget


We all want to look good and get new clothes, but it is really hard on a college budget.  Sometimes all that it takes is a few signature items to splurge on that can make a thrift shop outfit look so much better.

Things that you should splurge on:

Jeans- Discount jeans are completely unflattering about 90% of the time.  You do not need a million pairs of jeans, but a few pairs of dark skinnies are definitely something worth buying name brand.  It is essential to have jeans that flatter your body type.

Riding Boots- Riding boots can make any outfit look better.  Whether you want to wear them with jeans or leggings, they can make an oversize sweater and messy bun look glam.  It is important to get a designer pair of these because they are much skinnier meaning that they will form to your leg better and pleather is easier to spot than fake Coach purses.

Watch- Watches are very in right now and are a great accessory.  You could be wearing all discount clothing but a designer watch is enough to make people think that you only wear designer.

What to find bargain:

Leggings: Leggings do not last long before they start getting snags so there is no reason to pay more than $10 on them.  It is so easy to find leggings just about anywhere so find a few pairs that aren’t see-through and you’re golden.

Sweaters- There is no reason to get Ralph Lauren sweaters (but if you want one they have them much cheaper at Marshall’s).  You can find baggy sweaters just about anywhere so I would say that this is something you shouldn’t pay more than $30 for.

Shirts- You don’t repeat shirts nearly as often as you do for any other article of clothing.  Do not pay much for shirts that you will only wear a few times

Coats- You don’t have to pay top dollar for coats.  Not even designer coats!  All that you have to do is make sure that you do your coat shopping in late January or February.  All of the stores will be having sales because they will want to get rid of their winterwear from last season.

Workout gear- I definitely think that cute workout gear is great motivation to hit the gym, but cute doesn’t always mean Nike head to toe.  I have found some of my favorite workout gear from Forever 21’s workout collection.  You can definitely find cute clothes for a good workout without spending $45 bucks on yoga capris.  It’s not worth it.

Accessories- We all know that the right scarf or jewelry can totally make an outfit, but why spend top dollar when you can find cute for less?  Charming Charlie has fun jewelry for a good price and you can find something to match any outfit.

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