How To Be Productive Over Winter Break

winter break

My winter break is 5 WEEKS LONG! It is such a long span of time and I have really tried my best to remain productive so that 5 weeks of my life are not a complete waste.  I am the type of person who truly believes that you need to put your future in your own hands and take action.  The more that you sit around waiting for something to happen, the more opportunity you are giving others to surpass you.  I knew that I would not want to feel like a waste of space this break so I figured out a few ways to stay productive.

The first thing that I did this winter break was I got a job.  A ton of stores are hiring seasonally so it really is not hard to find work over the holiday season.  I would contact stores in your home town or wherever you will be staying over break when you go home for Thanksgiving.  This is a time that especially a lot of retail stores need a lot of extra hands so you would be suprised how easy it is to find a job just for the break.

This is also a great time to get yourself into great shape.  During winter break there is so much more time on our hands and a lot more food consumption.  This is a great time to really get inspired and create your own fitness goals.  I know that I can work out for so much longer when I am home because at school I just don’t have time to go as often.  So take these 5 weeks and try to really reach your fitness goals.  You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in that amount of time.

I did not do this, but many people are taking online courses.  I think that this is a brilliant idea because I would have plenty of time.  Plus online courses are much cheaper and you don’t have to take them from your university.  I really wish that I had done this because it would be a great way to get ahead on hours to possibly graduate early.

Do something related to your major.  I am a journalism student so I knew that it would be beneficial to make a blog, but during the semester I just didn’t have the time to devote to it in order to jump start the new project the right way.  I have had plenty of time to figure out the technical aspects of wordpress and I have had plenty of time to write my posts.

If you are planning on going to med. school maybe you should spend some time volunteering at the hospital.  If you are majoring in a foreign language this could be a great time to visit a country that speaks that language (or work to save up enough money to travel over the summer).  For business majors maybe you could contact a friend of your parents and see if you can shadow them at work.  Education majors can contact their old school or past teachers and see if you an assist in the classroom.  I’m not going to ramble on about everything that you can do, but this is a great time to dive into your major without any added stress on your shoulders and cramming your schedule.

Whatever it is on this list or maybe something that you have come up with on your own, find a way to really make the most of your breaks.  You can be productive during the days and still catch up with old friends at night.  Nobody wants to be bored at home all day so be proactive and make the most of this time.


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