Should You Go Greek?

go greekOnce I knew that I was going to Mizzou, I knew that I had to decide if I was going to rush a sorority or not.  I really wasn’t sure if the whole sorority thing was right for me for a few reasons.  One reason was the way that the sorority girl stereotype was portrayed on television.  The other reason was that in high school I tended to get along with guys better than girls because of all of the drama that it entails.

Then I thought about how busy I kept myself in high school.  I was involved in cheer, softball, newspaper, NHS, Peer Teaching, Captain’s Council, etc. I was constantly on the go and that is how I like to live my life.  I hate feeling like I am sitting around doing nothing so I decided that joining a sorority could really be a good thing for me to do.

If you are having doubts about rushing that is completely understandable because I was once in your shoes.  I am not going to sit here and try to convince people that sorority life is right for them because it really isn’t for some people.  However, I am going to tell you the facts so that you can make the right decision.

Each sorority has its own personality so if you are more academic there is a house for you.  If you are a sporty girl, there will be a house for you.  If you want to look hot and get drunk well there will also be houses for you.  With that being said, each house will also have girls that you have things in common with.  You may not like everyone, but you will likely find some girls that you can really connect with.

Also, sororities like to party, but that is not the purpose of them.  They do a lot of good for the community and the school.  It is also a fantastic network that can help you out with jobs and academics all throughout your life.  It is also a great opportunity for your resume.  There will be opportunities to hold positions in the house that relate to your major and many opportunities for service that look great on a resume.

If you do decide to rush, I will definitely make posts about how to decide which house is right for you and how to tackle the horror of rush week (just kidding it isn’t that bad).  Maybe with all of this being said, Greek Life still is just not for you and that is totally cool, but this is some information that I really wish I had known.

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