Attention Parents: Stop Trying to Live Through Your Child

dance momsLast night marked the new season of Dance Moms.  The show is about competitive dancers and features the drama between the parents and the dance teacher.  I was a competitive gymnast for thirteen years so I understand a lot of the things that go on in this show.  There really were gymnastics moms and dads who spent all of their time watching their children at practice.  So many parents were always trying to be all over the coaches trying to get whatever the kids want.  What makes me mad is that these coaches are in the position that they are in because they have knowledge and experience.  Maybe the parents do not agree with everything that Miss Abby does, but those moms need to get a life and get out of her studio.  Let the woman do her job and if you don’t like the way she does it then take your child and find somewhere else.

I have also been on a big Friday Night Lights kick recently.  All of those parents live vicariously through their kids.  It is honestly sick.  I vince-and-his-dad_523x308understand that football is a big deal in Texas and I am a huge football fan myself.  I truly do understand the hype, but it is not okay to put so much pressure on these kids about a game.  Sports are supposed to be a great motivation for kids to do well in all aspects of their life.  These parents need to stop reliving their high school dreams through their kids.

Sadly this does not just happen on tv shows because I notice this all of the time.  Parents should be supportive of their children by encouraging them to practice and play hard and to show up to their games.  They should congratulate their children when they do a good job and let them know that there is always next time when they didn’t do their best.  I am so thankful that my parents have been so supportive.  For those parents who stress their kids out too much about sports, I suggest you get off their backs before they start hating you.

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