Act of Giving: Malls and Materialism During Holidays

There are so many things that I cannot stand about malls during the holidays.  I work at the mall so I am there a lot and every time it is really hard to find a parking spot.  No matter what time of the day you go, it is always packed.  I don’t know if everyone is skipping school and work and their other responsibilities, but it is crazy any day any time.

It’s not just the amount of people and traffic that bother me.  The biggest pet peve of mine is that people turn into greedy monsters.  We all have at some point.  We have wanted something so bad that our holiday would be ruined if we didn’t get it.  I hate to say it, but for most people the holidays really are more about getting than receiving.

Not to mention the tremendous amount of pressure that does put on people when they are shopping for holiday gifts.  I helped so many customers shopping for their teenage family.  Every single one of them had absolutely no idea what to buy and were so paranoid about their decision.  Would they even like this?  If you were 12 would this be your favorite thing in the store?  These people were terrified shopping that day.

It makes me think back to when my mom would buy me things for Christmas and I would say that I didn’t like some of the things she picked out.  That must have broke her heart because she probably spent hours looking for something and put a lot of effort into her gift giving.

The holidays shoudn’t be about presents at all.  We should spend that time that we waste shopping going to help at local food pantries and other charity services.  Sometimes time and effort mean so much more than money.  There are people that can’t afford presents at all and that is who we should be giving to.  Not exchanging gifts among other privileged people.

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